Les Bébés Café & Bar:
J.C. Architecture

Les Bebes cafe and bar _JC13

For their second branch of Les Bébés Café & Bar, in Taipei Taiwan, J.C. Architecture have returned to the spatial concept of ‘folding’ in their design.

Les Bebes cafe and bar _JC27

The first Les Bébés cupcakery store used ‘folding’ in the creation of the space, and the designers wanted to expand this theme, and develop it architecturally.

Les Bebes cafe and bar _JC38

In looking at the packaging box, J C Architecture have deconstructed the folding action, and used this to based the design upon, rather than the result of the folding process.

Les Bebes cafe and bar _JC07

The box was taken and simplified to its structural elements. With four different folding steps at 0°, 30°, 47° and 90° angles, the box was folded from its original flat shape, to become a 3D object.

Les Bebes cafe and bar _JC87

A series of these boxes were created in the four angles, so that the transition from the exterior of the shop to the interior became a journey of discovery for the customer through the intricate spatial arena this produced.

Les Bebes cafe and bar _JC85

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