Design studio VRTIŠKA • ŽÁK has completed another project, the newly opened bistro concept in Prague 2 called Crompy. The design of Crompy is based on baked potatoes. The main range of jacket potatoes and fillings have an emphasis on high quality raw ingredients and a healthier way of eating.


The designers have also integrated these qualities into the interior design. The original bar areas have been completely renovated and converted to suit a restaurant.


The base colour of the area is black, forming a neutral background to showcase the dominant elements, which are oak furniture from TON complete with atypical features in the same material; and ‘folk-style’ decorative ceramic tiles that perfectly illuminate the floor of the interior.


In areas with a high density of seating, the tiles are also featured on the walls, which apart from this practical application, it gives them even greater emphasis.


Another striking feature defining these spaces is a system of cylindrical light shades, which creates a border to the space, as well as creating floating luminous objects, that suggest clouds.


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