Umo Restaurant:
Estudi Josep Cortina

Umo 08

The Umo Japanese Restaurant, in Barcelona, is the latest design from Estudi Josep Cortina. Following their designs for the Nomo and Kuo restaurants, owned by the same group, the concept for Umo respects the synthesis of forms and materials.

Umo 09

The theme is a dreamlike scene inspired by a forest, represented by geometric shapes capturing the essence of the organic and incorporating it into an industrial environment.

Umo 02

Wood and iron are used to blend into a reflection of the tension between the industrial, the geometrical and the cold on one hand; and the organic, the curved and warm on the other.

Umo 05

The restaurant offers three different areas for dining: a dining room, kiosk area, and a private dining area. Each has an entirely different atmosphere, but are designed perfectly in a formal synchronicity.

Umo 10

In the main dining area, the open kitchen becomes a stage for ‘show cooking’ and this leads to a dynamism and vitality in the restaurant.

Umo 03

As always with Estudio Josep Cortina projects, all items defining the interior decoration are bespoke made and designed exclusively for a specific space, and therefore are unique and unrepeatable.

Umo 14

Images © Mauricio Fuertes

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