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Salvaged Ring is a coffee shop next to a major road in the countryside of Nha Trang, Vietnam, designed by a21studio. After a lifetime working as a carpenter, the owner of Salvaged Ring had a stockpile of unwanted and unused scrap wood, which he wanted to see re-used, and not just be disposed of. He therefore decided that the best way to salvage this large stock of wood would be to build something.

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The first impression of the coffee shop is its unusual curved thatched roof that extends from the road to the riverbank. This unifying roof connects two different levels of the building into one space, and it softens the rigid structure that supports the building. Guests are led by an exotic route from the exterior to the interior around a courtyard created by the ring-shaped roof.

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A courtyard is often seen in buildings in this region, and has developed as a common feature as a result of cultural practices in Vietnam, and also due to climatic conditions. Furthermore, it is also used as spatial generator and climate modifier.

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In this project, the courtyard is organised so as to be adaptable for many functions and views in the buildings. As a result, the activities take place in the peaceful and quiet interior area that adjoins the river, far from the noisy street outside. Moreover, it allows solar gain and natural ventilation, which are appropriate to the Vietnamese climate. However, overusing courtyards can increase the heat and brightness, causing inconvenience for some people, so it needs to be used in moderation. An inner garden, roof materials and fenestration were carefully considered by the designers to be the most appropriate solutions.

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The scrap wood, which was of different sizes and shapes, was adjusted to adapt to new functions. The small pieces have been exploited to create louvres at the entrance, which can help stem the heat and noise from the nearby road, as well as being decorated with patterns that remind people of the old wooden doors used many years ago.

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Outside, the main structure is formed by larger sections, connected by traditional mortise and tenon techniques. In short, the pieces have been used in every possible way for the new building, so that there has been no necessity to fell any new trees. Furthermore, apart from the wood, by using other natural materials such as stone, local coconut leaf, and living materials, Salvaged Ring is a harmonious and environmentally friendly space.

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By taking advantage of the scrap wood stored for many years, the Salvaged Ring is a highlight and showcase for carpentry techniques as well as being a striking space that adds tremendous value to the peaceful village where it is located.


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