Plum & Spilt Milk:
Archer Humphryes Architects

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The Great Northern Hotel was built by Lewis Cubitt in 1854 and is Grade II Listed. The brief for Plum & Spilt Milk, designed by Archer Humphryes Architects, required the design of a classic London restaurant, acknowledging the building’s history and being able to meet the aspirations of hotel guests.

P&SM gnr_hotel_restaurant_03

The design was required to be modern, use high quality natural materials, and display dignity and imagination in its detail and execution.

P&SM gnr_hotel_restaurant_09

Atmospheric lighting has been effected by the use of purpose-designed smoked glass fittings hand blown by Rothschild + Bickers. The light is incandescent and the lamps are hung in groups at varying heights over each table.

P&SM gnr_hotel_restaurant_02

Perimeter light illuminates the walnut wall panelling. The space is designed to avoid the use of directional or visible down lighter fittings.

P&SM gnr_hotel_restaurant_12

The result is a gently lit room with flattering and beautiful light. The pendants are atmospheric and glow and reflect in the cracked glazed lava topped tables, and in the carefully chosen glass and flatware. The use of lead within ribbed glass highlights the liquor display within the bar, and the bar pendants are designed with elaborate decorative glass.

P&SM gnr_hotel_restaurant_06

Images © Archer Humphryes Architects

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