Samba Swirl:
Mizzi Studios


Inspired by the vibrance of Brazilian carnival culture and its connotations of happiness and well-being, coupled with delicious delicacies derived from Southern American roots, the brief for Mizzi Studios was to completely refresh Samba Swirl’s existing identity by capturing the spirit of Rio’s carnival and setting it into a uniquely modern context within the London high street.


The biggest challenge was to create a brand that radically differentiated itself from an already over saturated Frozen Yoghurt market. Furthermore, the design was to be geometrically inspired and warm, yet still shout Frozen Yoghurt while completely going against the obvious visual connection of cold, soft, flowing interiors inspired by the nature of yogurt.


An indoor “street scene” was created, inspired by the geometric, vividly painted facades of Rio De Janeiro’s favelas, juxtaposed with a modern high street feel.


LED way-finders, designed by Instyle LED, fuse function and feature lighting, navigating the public through a self-service experience in the glow of pulsating colours, set against concretes and timbers centred around a faceted steel diamond-like toppings island.


Images © Mizzi Studios

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