Michelle Derbyshire

Artisan 5

In creating Artisan, the challenge for architect Michelle Derbyshire was to create an interior concept, name and brand for a casual bar and eatery with nearly 300 covers, focused on a wood fired oven, and which would appeal to a broad clientele.

Artisan 1

The large, barren and characterless space, formerly an office, had to be turned into a warm, edgy and inviting place to eat and drink.

Artisan 2

The space was on the first floor of an office block and had no street frontage, so the first challenge was how to entice customers in. The change of use also meant that there were structural load issues and restrictions on the specification of materials and finishes. The 12,000 square foot space was overwhelmed with an abundance of grey cold light from the tinted glazing which also had to be addressed.

Artisan 3

Suspended wire sculptures in the atrium outside draw the eye from street level. A combination of caramel stained concrete floors, contemporary artworks and bold illustrated screens give the space warmth. An exposed bar made up of dining tables and an open plan kitchen addresses the artist’s studio concept.

Artisan 4

Booth seating is used to cocoon customers, creating intimate areas in an otherwise overwhelming space. Artisan has proven to be a success.

Artisan 6

This project is shortlisted for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014, in the Standalone Restaurant category.

Images © James Brown Photography

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