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FEI is a bar in the W hotel which launched in the third largest city of China, Guangzhou. A large cubic space with 18m each side floats in the façade, and the exposed three sides are all glazed. A.N.D (Aoyama Nomura Design) transformed it into a bar of three layers (1000sqm approx.) covered by soft organic lighting skin with constant organic modification – like an aurora.


The first concept undertaken by A.N.D. was to cover the massive architectural and structural glass opening with a new type of soft organic lighting skin. The skin of innumerable fibre optics controls the colour and speed of the flash, and sparkles with constant modification.

FEI 58a2864

The second was to place multiple layers of both the horizontal floor and the perpendicular wall, in the space surrounded by light.

FEI 58a2994

Our aim is to expand the Chinese hotel market by the high impact design. The organically sparkling façade is alluring to not only hotel guests, but also to people walking by, to attract them into the bar.

FEI 58a3474

As a result, FEI has been evaluated as one of the most popular bars in Guangzhou. FEI suggests the new style of ‘having fun at a hotel’ in the rapidly developing China, and Chinese hospitality sphere.

FEI mg_4396

This project is the winner of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014 – Best Bar; and is the Asia Bar category winner.

Images © Nacasa & Partners lnc.

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