The Pizza (with no name):


The Pizza (with no name) is a former residence in Reykjavik, Iceland, completely redesigned by Hálfdan Lárus Pedersen and his collaborators at Baulhús. Handpicked vintage finds from the U.S. and salvaged Icelandic building materials create this wonderland of curious oddities.


Multiple isolated rooms on four floors give the idea that you are visiting the home of a strange collector. Dark and cosy, this slightly haunted old house has eight rooms to dine in, giving guests a sense of a private and personal experience. The style is an eclectic mix of Rustic Americana, Old Carnival, and Natural History Museum.


Concrete walls collide with dark wood floors, dark wood ceilings, authentic vintage schoolhouse chairs and various vintage wood and glass cabinets. Hálfdan Lárus used chalk paint on selected walls to give the space texture and wear.


A number of old mirrors give the impression of infinity and odd reflections, enhancing the size of each room. The bar is made up of various types of fireplace mantels, old mirrors, and open cabinets.


The ceilings have 50,000 handmade wooden tiles, also designed by Hálfdan, in five different colour tones, and with a glossy finish, for beautiful light reflections, and a sense of enclosure.  Gourmet pizzas are made in a wood fire oven in the basement. Thin and crispy crust with fresh and unusual toppings make this pizza place a unique delicacy.


One noteworthy global traveller said: “Definitely on my top three list of the best Pizzas I’ve ever had. Strange but delicious. Quite similar to how I would describe the interiors…like entering a mix between a setting in Twin Peaks and a feature in Kinfolk magazine.”


Images © Börkur Sigþórsson

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