Garden Coffee Lounge:
LD Studio

Garden 7

The Garden Coffee Lounge is located in Tetovo, Macedonia (FYROM), and LD Studio‘s clients commissioned them to create a unique, warm, and pleasant place where guests could have coffee and fresh juice cocktails.

Garden 10

So their first thought was: a pleasant place… fresh juice… a garden! The designers were intrigued by the idea of creating a garden environment indoors.

Garden (web)

Having a relatively large space to work with (155m2 and over 4m height), they decided to make seating areas surrounded by house-like metal frame constructions, that are spread throughout the ‘garden’.

Garden 2

These ‘houses’ exude the effect of warmth, because of the association with ‘home’, since the best place for people to feel pleasant and comfortable, is home. Each of the ‘houses’ offers a different and special ambience, so anyone visiting can find their favourite place where they can spend an hour enjoying their coffee.

Garden 19

Thinking of the concept of ‘garden’ since the beginning of the project, the original idea was to make a hanging natural garden on the ceiling. However, since it turned out to be not possible within the project’s budget, and almost impossible to maintain, the designers chose to hang more than 1,400 artificial flowers, to create the desired and exceptionally beautiful environment envisioned by them.

Garden 11

The lighting is also very simple. Simple light bulbs were chosen, which are tangled within the hanging flowers. The ‘chandeliers’ that can be seen in the photographs were handmade in local workshops to the designers’ specifications, as were some of the chairs, and all of the tables.

Garden 3743

Images © LD Studio

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