Restaurante Mini Dassa Bassa:
Guille García-Hoz

MINI 880 _MG_8097

The space was originally occupied by offices. The ceilings were low and gave it the sensation of being like a tunnel, so we basically decided to broaden it by seating people on the window sills, and putting mirrors and plates on the ceiling so that people would like to look up as well. Of course we also demolished the false ceiling.

MINI 880 _MG_8059

Since the works had to be completed on a low budget, and really fast, we decided to play with the electrical installation and cables using yellow/orange colours that would be very eye catching in comparison with the turquoise blue ceiling and walls, thus contrasting warm and cold colours.

MINI 880_MG_8662

To prevent the ‘corridor effect’ we decided to change the wallpaper every 2.5 metres or so, as well as the floors, and to reinforce this by changing the furniture in each of these subspaces so eventually there were so many things going on that one forgets about the shape of the space.

MINI 880_MG_8665

At the end of the space we decided that the letters of MINI (the sponsor) made using light bulbs, would create a great finale and meaning to the whole structure.

MINI 880_MG_8669

Wallpapers from Sanderson, Cordonné, Gancedo, NXLX were also customised very subtly by adding MINI car stickers to them, as well as in the plates of the ceiling. We were also conscious that we are located in the middle of classical Madrid, so we finished the project by adding plaster mouldings in contrast with the contemporary overall look, that eventually worked out really well.

MINI 880_MG_8715

“We believe this is a very Madrilenian project because it is classic and contemporary at the same time: warm and welcoming.” Guille García-Hoz

Images © Asier Rua

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