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A stone’s throw from the amazing Place Stanislas in Nancy, My Space Planner‘s client decided to establish its restaurant dedicated to gourmet burgers called ‘Voyou’.


A complete review of the location, and more than three months’ work were required to enhance the whole potential of the space. With a total area of 120 m2 on 3 levels, Voyou has evolved within a masculine and industrial universe. Raw materials such as steel, OSB, cement tiles, etc, were used in order to give a strong identity to this place.


The brand identity drawn up by the Schlep design agency was of huge importance in determining the decoration of the restaurant: a theatrically illuminated giant logo, and black adhesive visuals dress the wooden walls in the front area of the restaurant.


My Space Planner went deep into customising the place, imagining and designing all of the furniture, the pattern of cement tiles as well as the sculptural staircase. Regarding the lighting, they decided to create a cosy atmosphere by the use of industrial style single pendant lights, with bare bulbs, in an original and disorganised way.


An oversized MOOOI light fitting over the stairwell creates a dramatic feature in the restaurant. Today Voyou is a must visit destination in Nancy. The agency is very proud of this realisation, saying:

It was a great professional and human adventure.

Gilles Clauss

Images © My Space Planner

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