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The Mediterranean Sea, named by the ancient Romans ‘Mare Nostum’ was also widely known as ‘The White Sea’ and also ‘The Great Sea’. This sea which surrounds many contrasting civilisations; which divides and links east and west; is a region which has been the centre of Europe for many years – is also at the centre of the world. From this starting point the restaurant which is located at the Limassol Marina in Cyprus is inspired, and it is called ‘Mediterraneo’.

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The idea came easily to the design team at Minas Kosmidis, as Cyprus is completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and the Limassol Marina is a small port directly on the sea. The aim of the design was not just a reference to this place, but a projection of the overall aesthetic, which varies a lot from place to place.

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The white of the Aegean, the intense colour of Venice, the arabesques of Islamic countries, and the blue of the sea are some of the elements that inspired the design team. The elements which were given a lot of attention were the natural beauty, the water and the method of fishing. As a result, motifs have been used which sometimes appear to be fishing nets, and sometimes like fish scales.

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The metallic indoor construction tries to visualise in a minimal and artistic way, the depth of the sea and the elements that synthesise it. On the other side, the wooden casing on the wall with the windows indicates the feeling of a sunken ship which is turning gradually into something new – into a sunken city.

880 Mediterraneo 10

In the roof, the ‘flying’ wooden fish look like they have escaped from the stretched metallic mesh and they are moving round the wreck looking for food or maybe their new house. Viewing them from below gives the customer the feeling that they are watching the scene from the depths of the sea, joining in with the search.

Mediterraneo 5

The ships ‘anchored’ on the depth of the sea never disappear. They are immediately turning into something new which is more important, and they will remain forever. ‘Mediterraneo’ is the result of these concepts, and of Federico Fellini’s quote: “There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.”


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