Raw Trader: Studio Y

Raw Trader shop front

Raw Trader is a speciality raw-dessert bar in Melbourne, specialising in all things organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and paleo. Studio Y have created a raw and layered design for Raw Trader that is the ideal backdrop for the produce, while stimulating the senses.

880 RT_09

The crate walls made from rustic timber, are stamped with the key concepts: organic and raw. They have an eye-catching functional versatility, as do the bi-folding glass doors across the entire front façade.

880 RT_13

The rustic timber wall panelling, inspired by wooden fresh produce crates, is both decorative and functional. Fish-bowl plants are displayed on crates doubled up as shelving.

880 RT_07

Higher shelves hang above the individual fold out tables from which pendant lights, made from used coffee beans, are installed. The upholstery of the seating is made from coffee bean sacks which enhances the raw aesthetic.

880 RT_08

The fold-out hinged table tops work well in the tight quadrangular space, allowing an alternative to the bar-stool seating to the rear. Providing a cluster of communal seating are round wooden tables, surrounding man-made blue trees at the back of the space, rising gracefully to the ceiling.

880 RT_02

Tactile elements such as the textural wallpaper on the back wall panels have an industrial, raw look, which complement the slick, polished-concrete surfaces of the bar and floor.

880 RT_10

The warm timber accessories, boxy lights, coupled with pale pearlescent blue hues and slick concrete surfaces create an inviting urban retreat in the busy city scape.

Images © Barnaby and Wilson

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