Cheering Restaurant:
H&P Architects

Cheering Restaurant main space

Cheering Restaurant is influenced by the classic Hanoi sidewalk. H & P Architects were inspired by the familiar image of ancient trees overhanging roads and the busy traditional Hanoian sidewalk where activities, such as the sharing of cuisine, happen day and night.

Cheering Restaurant sidewalk 18

Located at the centre of Hanoi, Cheering Restaurant is renovated from the remains of a steel frame structure and reusable materials such as: glass, steel, bar steel and sheet-metal roof.

pillar Cheering Restaurant Nguyen Tien Thanh - CR 16

The timber wood cladding was selected to resist the tropical climate, while inspiration is taken from an ancient canopy of trees, natural light, the wind and views of the sky above: clouds, the sun, moon and stars.

880 (c) Nguyen Tien Thanh - CR (7)

The inverse pyramid stacking, builds upwards to form the roof. Each column is made of timber layers stacked perpendicularly, spreading upwards like tree roots and forming a makeshift playground to climb, allowing even the roof space to be enjoyed.

The roof Nguyen Tien Thanh 23

The “tree roots” continue growing alternately to produce a stable frame which helps reduce heat and create various shadows from the polycarbonate roof.

roof, Cheering restaurant

The roof has an air cushion, which is cooled and cleaned by rainwater pumped from a tank below ground, allowing the atmosphere to be controlled.

880 (c) Nguyen Tien Thanh - CR (25)

The structure blurs the boundary between the inside and outside, utilising the landscape and urban view of central Hanoi, with sheet glass ‘walls’ and an opaque ceiling.

880 (c) Nguyen Tien Thanh - CR (10)

The interior blends seamlessly with the exterior as plant boxes bring the greenery inside.

880 (c) Nguyen Tien Thanh - CR (8)

A tree trunk dominates behind the central bar, drawing nature into the space.

880 (c) Nguyen Tien Thanh - CR (13)

The cultural values and history of Hanoi have shaped the restaurant which is full of modern architecture, while harking back to the historical culture of Hanoi cuisine on the sidewalk.

880 (c) Nguyen Tien Thanh - CR (14)

Images © Nguyen Tien Thanh

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