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Made in China is a Chinese dim sum restaurant in Gothenburg with the focus on enjoying Chinese flavours without the formality of fine dining.

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The restaurant, located in an area historically known as the home of the city’s labour movement, is hosted in a property going through a transformation: in total 4000 sq m being restored and adapted to new businesses and activities. The restaurant is placed in the new part of the property; the building is from 1977 and was formerly used as a delivery gate and warehouse.

seating, art, Made in China MILAD ABEDI

Rather than designing a “typical” outside-of-China Chinese restaurant, designer Isabella Eriksson, of Main Office, put the emphasis on a more industrial feeling with its raw, clean and simple/minimal selection of materials.

New walls are all cladded with coloured grey cladding (lime plaster), and the existing structure is kept in its raw original state, only painted in a darker grey. The space is facing the street, and the facade has been upgraded with new window frames in dark grey.

Art, lighting Made in China MILAD ABEDI

A wall dividing the previous delivery gate and warehouse has been torn down, exploiting the existing construction. The layout is clean and simple: long tables with benches in different arrangements; the U-shaped bar with the open visual connection to the kitchen and the preparation of food; by function resembling Asian restaurants – the seating arrangements and the round table with its big lamp of steel.

benches, Made in China MILAD ABEDI

All the items of furniture are made out of massive oak (clear coated) and dark steel (clear coated with some percentage of black powder to enhance the dark and “untreated” features). As an exception to the dark grey walls, Isabella did a large scale painting on the big wall facing the street. It resembles old-school posters from revolutionary China, but with a Gothenburg motif from the same era, namely the shipyard and its craftsmen.

Images © Milad Abedi

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