The Room:
LAI Studio Architects


The Room is an exclusive club located in the heart of Milan’s Porta Romana with a New York atmosphere and fresh redesign by Lai Studio.

side dining The Room Milan

With an area of 350 square meters and a small outdoor area outside, The Room presents a tasteful architectural structure on two levels. It is an imposing, post-industrial space, full of characteristic style, accompanied by a reinterpretation of street food which makes The Room a multifaceted place made of taste, art and talent.

The Room Milan

Previously a corporate office, the space has been remodelled to fit in a semi-transparent kitchen, hidden by a large, backlit bar with counter and a tall shelf for bottles. This then extends up to the ceiling, expanding in an intricate three dimensional ‘cloud’ of lights that fill the vast space above the bar.

Bar - The Room Milan

The bar itself forms part of the lighting design concept, where many of the lighting sources are embedded into various custom made structures. The Room restaurant and club has a mezzanine floor overlooking the dance floor, dominated by an imposing staircase and the main entrance with cloakroom, glows with warm lighting to welcome patrons.

The Room, Milan Dining room

The split dining areas each have their own formidable chandeliers – a square-frame wire mesh chandelier on one side and the second, a more classic chandelier, with hundreds of hanging candle lamps at varying heights.

The Room Milan candle chandelier

All the tables are custom made at different heights, with armchairs and stools that have been chosen from Italian manufactures for great international design and to offer an interesting selection of modern-classic seating options.

The Room Milan Dining

A combination of materials are used to great effect throughout the space including: metal mesh, coupled glass, bamboo boards, custom prints on the walls and of course the LED strips for the lights.

Images © Francesco Demichelis

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