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Private dining, extendable table ACME Sydney

ACME is a restaurant that makes the most of the building’s existing features and exposes the heritage with a pared back and considered design by Luchetti Krelle. The client’s brief was for a refined and yet casual space where the food is the hero. The result is a restaurant split into three distinct spaces over two levels: The bar at the front, banquette seating to the rear and private dining room downstairs with extendable table.

dynamite pendant lighting ACME Sydney 04

The front bar is a casual dining experience with high top tables and window seating that opens out to the street front and passers-by. Above the tables sit custom ‘dynamite’ pendants, a cheeky reference to the ACME of Looney Tunes. The surrounding walls have been left untreated, showing glimpses of exposed plaster behind stripped paint.

quilted bar ACME Sydney 3

Halo lit mirrors are set within existing arches. These are positioned at opposing sides of the room and give a sense of openness and depth to the space. Set amongst this is a small practical bar with stools cantilevered off the quilted metal bar front.

ACME banquette timber tables 7

For the more formal dining space, banquette seating with dark timber tables are nestled within mottled, fresco-paint finished walls that tie into the rough plaster of the front room with views to the open kitchen.

stripped walls, heritage fireplace ACME Sydney

Downstairs, the private dining room is a raw and intimate space with sandstone fireplace and exposed walls. As you descend the stairs, you are greeted with an island bench and wine display for diners to gather around for a pre dinner drink.

Island bar & wine display ACME 09

Diners are then ushered towards the custom-designed extendable table feature. The striking table has collapsible ends allowing for flexibility depending on group sizes.

Banquette table ACME _12

This room is made larger by the mirrored niche at the end of the table, which gives both the illusion of space and makes another ACME reference – that of Wile E Coyote’s tunnel perspectives.

Mirrors, tunnel perspective ACME_10

These subtle and playful details give ACME a smart and relaxed atmosphere.

Images © Michael Wee

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