VyTA Santa Margherita:

VYTA Venice shop front

VyTA Santa Margherita offers the oldest and most traditional products: bread and wine in Santa Lucia railway station, which is the only real access gate to the heart of Venice, the city of canals. Situated just in front of the main entrance to the railway station, VyTA is designed by COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO with an intimate ambience characterised by sophisticated minimalism and reduced to the essentials. The food philosophy was the starting point that inspired this architectural design; with minimal products on display.

frontage VyTA SM Venice

The bakery is built in a tiny 60m square space, designed to project outwards, with its counter exposed to tourists and the metropolitan flow. Although small, the space appears deceptively bigger through the use of reflective surfaces which bring the beauty of the city and the water of the canals inside.

Wheat screen VyTA Venice

On the black wall, bottles of wine catch the eye, their history celebrated like sculptures. One of the few significant components of the setting are natural oakwood planks, which descend from the ceiling, evoking the interweaving of traditional bread baskets.

oakwood VyTA SM Venice

Large black ceramic tiles are used on the floor, Corian on the counter and black polymer for all the vertical panels which enfold the space like a treasure chest. The reflective surfaces echo the spectacular views of Venice, like the church of Saint Simeon and the movement of the Grand Canal.

reclective floors, VyTA SM Venice

Along the side walls, customers can have breakfast or an easy lunch on a sinuous and fluid black Corian shelf. They can enjoy the immersive space, with a video wall celebrating the ingredients in slow motion such as water, wine, olive oil, wheat, flour, mozzarella, tomatoes and fire.

VyTA SM Venice

Diffused light contributes to the soft and intimate atmosphere, with oblique Halide down-lighters by IGuzzini, enhancing the sculpted wooden ceiling and radiating on the counter, while clusters of LEDs celebrate bread and its derivatives.

bread VyTA SM Venice

The project features contrasting materials and colours like oak and Corian, to represent tradition and innovation, integrating nature and synthetics. The juxtaposition of soft oak and black in its various forms creates an exclusive, theatrical environment, where the warmth of the natural wood is enhanced by the contrast of the glossy black surfaces.

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