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Located amongst a unique dockside setting enhanced with festoon lights and open braziers on Bristol Harbourside, Spitfire is a venue serving a fusion of South African and Deep South wood-fired barbecue food with an extensive drinks offering. With experience in hospitality and his South African background, owner Billy’s enthusiasm led the design behind Spitfire. His ethos was to bring the South African sunshine, barbecue and party scene to the Harbourside.

Spitfire Evoke Pictures Simple Simon

Acoustic set music, cocktails and St Louis Ribs complete the scene.

“Our mission set by the General is to bring you prime cut meat and monster ribs, smoked and grilled over hot coals.” – Spitfire.

The large restaurant offers over 100 covers and is run by an open plan kitchen fitted with Kamado Joe barbecues, creating a welcoming smell for passers by and guests of the venue.

industrial lighting Spitfire Evoke Pictures Simple Simon

On visiting the space prior to design works commencing, the designers found one big open space and instantly set out to add texture, depth and zoned areas to break it up.

retro lighting Spitfire Evoke Pictures Simple Simon

Design inspirations came from the concept of backyard barbecues and open barn spaces. Although mainly inspired by Billy’s South African heritage, an element of American dining has had an impact. Shelves of rusty petrol cans, rustic lighting, neon signage and orange button back seating carries the theme throughout.

bar reclaimed steel Spitfire Evoke Pictures Simple Simon

The feature bar is made from reclaimed steel fence posts, with a variety of unique seating options.

exterior Spitfire Evoke Pictures Simple Simon

With a large exterior, also allowing for 100 covers, the barbecue theme is carried outside with open braziers and seating for guests to enjoy the summer and harbour views. The retro branding, also designed by Simple Simon Design was intended to evoke the backyard barbecue theme.

Images © Evoke Photography

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