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As the name suggests, Barnyard is a concept designed to hark back to a traditional, agricultural barn. While its interiors are designed by Brinkworth for Ollie Dabbous, owner and chef of Dabbous restaurant. This second venture is the latest project from Ollie and his business partner Oskar Kinberg and features a much more relaxed atmosphere.

880 Brinkworth_Barnyard_06

Food is served on white and blue enamel plates and the drinks are served in classic old milk bottles, rebranded for Barnyard. The interior has a main level and an upper mezzanine floor, accessed via a spiral staircase beyond the bar, contributing to the rural effect overall. A tree has been planted within the staircase, lending an outdoor feel to the space – there’s even a picket fence.

880 Brinkworth_Barnyard_20

Ollie’s concept for the interior and branding of Barnyard was clear from the off and originated from the nostalgia of these traditional settings. Brinkworth were responsible for the branding and interiors of this project in London’s Charlotte Street, developing menus signage, bread bags and bottle labels to consolidate the Barnyard identity.

880 Brinkworth_Barnyard_Grphs3

To complement the menu of simple, yet exquisite British-made dishes, Brinkworth developed the design, creating an easy, distinctive dining experience. The lighting has been sourced from various UK salvage companies, such as the lights by the bar, which are circa 1960’s from a cargo ship. While the venue features neon lighting in the shape of a friendly rooster, like any good farmyard, which invites guests inside the rural heart of the venue.

880 Brinkworth_Barnyard_09

The entire interior space is clad with corrugated metal sheets and reclaimed timber paneling. Materials are the sort commonly found in make-shift farm buildings, and much of it is reused.

corrugated metal sheets, Barnyard

Furniture in the space is a range of long, high bench-style tables with painted metal stools and oil-drum chairs. The front area creates a social space open and welcome to visitors, while there is wooden booth seating areas to the rear and on the mezzanine level in the communal space.

880 Brinkworth_Barnyard_04

Run by General Manager Charlie Bolton and Head Chef Joseph Woodland, this is a big barn in the middle of London – a unique space to have a sausage roll with piccalilli, baked to perfection, bubble and squeak or posh corn on the cob with meadowsweet and salted butter. It’s a unique curiosity in London.

Images © Louise Melchior

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