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Compartes Melrose

Triangles feature prominently in the design of Compartes- Melrose Place, Hollywood, because the bars themselves break down into triangles; and are often used in the brand’s logo. With interiors by AAmp Studio, the feature is continued through the interior design of the space with triangles also forming part of the floor and walls, branding, packaging, and of course the chocolate bars themselves.

the bar Compartes Melrose

The trilateral floors are revealed beneath the counter, and continue the triangular theme with tiles in a regular black and white triangular geometric pattern, spreading across the floor, broken only by a change in pattern nearer to the very colourful chocolate displays.

chocolate Compartes Melrose

The main materials are all of the same clean monochrome, but this accentuates the variety of different chocolate flavours on offer, in a vast rainbow of colours. Jonathan Grahm (chocolatier & owner) wanted a place for people from the adjacent coffee shop to come over, sit, and enjoy the chocolates casually with their coffee.

displays Compartes Melrose

AAmp studio said:

Jonathan is a very graphically talented person, and you can see that in his chocolates — from the beautiful packaging to the triangulated bars. He designs all of this himself, and it was important that the space reflected the brand. For that, we wanted the space to have the same graphic impact as the chocolates, without overpowering them. We thus finished the space in only black, white, and brass, so that the colours from the beautiful chocolate packaging would pop in the space.

entrance Compartes Melrose

There are two entrances – one is a black mesh, wooden door propped open to entice visitors through the small space, and the other a white double door with glass panes. The angular bar is nestled between the two shop entrances to the front and back of the main space.

Compartes Melrose

The bar is formed in black and white from smooth, polished marble, with an angular white surface top and clear glass displays. Brass aside, the space remains entirely black and white to accentuate the beautifully coloured branding.

Compartes Melrose

The spatial focal point is the star and triangulated floor leading to it. It being a small space, the residual space was naturally turned over to seating. The location next to the space’s only window, and secondary entry, also made for a nice social place for people to gather. Located above the banquette is a neon sign highlighting Compartes’ slogan: “Chocolate is Art!” scripted in Jonathan’s own hand.

banquette seating Compartes Melrose

The floor leads towards the feature ‘star’ wall. The star wall is made of brass-plated aluminium, custom display shelves. It was inspired by Art Deco influences around some of LA’s iconic theatres, particularly downtown. It is meant to serve as the main focal point in the space, after the visitor’s eye has been invited in past the angled counter, down across the triangulated tile floor, and finally ‘burst’ from the corner of the room into the star-shape.

the star Compartes Melrose

Compartes was established in 1950 in LA’s Brentwood neighbourhood, where the chocolates are still made by hand today. The newly opened Melrose Place location is the brand’s second retail space, and will serve as the concept store for the brand.

Images © Aamp Studio

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