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finch interiors common room

Designed by Finch Interiors, The Common Room is a compact venue in Bath filled with a vast array of interesting trinkets. The brief for the designers was to create a space that would become a talking point – not just for Bath patrons, but through social media, a talking point outside of Bath. Designers ‘pimped up’ everyday objects in order to create something great to look at whilst having drinks in this late night bar.

entrance trinkets finch interiors common room

To give the owner, Harald Brett a real sense of ownership, Finch Interiors incorporated a lifetime of trinkets collected by him into the bar. Creating something special to look at and showing off his unique personality, which suited the modest budget. This was a significant challenge to the designers, as the building itself was quite run down.

finch interiors common room

Finch Interiors wanted to attract young professionals with a sense of humour, rather than the usual student crowd. Added assorted furniture and decoration to the bar area aimed to indicate to customers that this is no grotty student bar. Finch Interiors said:

The clients ‘trinkets’ are used on every elevation and feel part of the overall aesthetic adding value and humour, rather than just an added extra at the end.

disco lights finch interiors common room

The cheeky humour is in every detail with highlights such as a disco ball room extravaganza downstairs. Taxidermy animals such as a monkey riding a camel create a quirky atmosphere in sunken exposed walls.

finch interiors common room

Upstairs oversized bunny girl prints adorn some walls and dominating the ceiling swims another bunny girl. Prehistoric wallpaper covers the walls behind a central placed bar. Above the bar twinkling fairly lights are encased in a black metal mesh cage, with a fathomless black ceiling.

finch interiors common room

Dark wood and eclectic furniture create a unique atmosphere, while the brief in this cosy space has definitely been met with The Common Room a talking point on social media and featured across a range of hospitality platforms. It has also been selected by the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards as the venue for one of their Design Talks.

finch interiors common room

Design Talk

The next Restaurant & Bar Design Talks will be held at The Common Room in Bath. This event will be focussed on the topic ‘Creating impact interiors in small spaces with a limited budget’. Speakers will include Sophie Finch from Finch Interiors and Harald Brett (Owner) The Common Room.

finch interiors common room

Sophie Finch, creative director at Finch Interiors has a passion for creating unique and inspiring spaces; “the spaces that people talk about.” Sophie graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2000 and started Finch Interiors seven years later. Best known for being the interior designer for The Breakfast Club, Sophie is always trying to find new sources for inspiration rather than using the same old “cookie cutter” approach to design.

sophie finch

Sophie Finch, Creative Director – Finch Interiors

The talks are to be held on Thursday the 30th of April at 6.30pm and welcomes architects, designers and hospitality operators from the F&B sector. This event is strictly RSVP only, contact us for more information.

Images © Finch Interiors

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