The Distillers:
Concorde BGW

Adam Ellis Distillers 36

This vibrant local pub has been around for nearly a century and has just had an in-depth refurbishment by Concorde BGW. Located just round the corner from the Hammersmith Apollo and the design draws on this world famous venue that has played host to some of the finest artists in the world, including Robbie Williams.

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The brief was to keep this as a local pub but make the spirit of music and creative endeavour flow seamlessly through the large bar, upstairs into a function room ideal for aspiring bands and out into the ever popular, quirky beer garden.

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Multiple layers of paint had dulled the once beautiful exterior, so the main challenge was to strip away the years of decoration and introduce a vibrant, enduring character throughout.

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Outside, work began by soda blasting years of decoration and eventually meticulous stripping by hand to reveal the beauty of the building. The garden bar is crafted from a mix of vintage water tanks and seating booths nestle in strangely cool garden sheds.

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The idea here was to create more of a potting shed feel, with the preservation society secret garden at the rear. Giant party tables give new life to old metal factory doors.

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Music is in their blood at Distillers and its influence flows seamlessly through the large downstairs bar, to the upstairs – which was designed to have a private members yet easy feel to it.

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Most of the lighting throughout the space was specifically designed and made by Concorde for the space, although the studio were able to locate some vintage neon signage which was designed and made by Chris Bracey at God’s Own Junkyard.

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The interior has one eye on the unexpected with tables resembling piles of vinyl records, framed Lego band members on the walls and numerous nods to musical greats. A blend of different leathers, woollen and Kelim fabrics used. One of the suppliers of the upholstery were Linwood.

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After nearly a hundred years of refreshing locals and refreshing new music, Distillers is now firmly established for another long residency. Vinyl records fly across a feature wall, their swallow motifs continuing on the ceiling; and owl lamp stand and animal motifs on cushions were used as a way to soften the space.

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This is no theme pub and the industrial vintage features, exposed brickwork and deep, soft colour schemes exude style with comfort.

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Images © Concorde BGW

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