Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlist 2015: Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting shortlist

This year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards includes two lighting categories, Decorative Lighting and Lighting Schemes, each with a strong list of candidates. With over 40 different entries in total, the shortlisted projects represent the very best in decorative and scheme lighting. Here’s a peek at the shortlisted projects in this year’s Decorative Lighting category:

dream dairy farm

Dream Dairy Farm represents a unique space with the decorative lighting being completed by the architectural studio, Moriyuki Ochiai Architects. The interior design of Dream Dairy Farm has previously been featured on our site.


Emergence is a large, elaborate decorative lighting structure created by Cinimod studio for the Caviar House, located in Heathrow Terminal II’s International Departures Lounge. This is just one of the restaurants and bars located in Heathrow that has been entered into the Awards this year.


Floor in the Netherlands designed by Atelier Floor, is the third shortlisted entry in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Decorative Lighting category. Featuring a glowing shoal of fish forming a striking cylindrical sculpture above the bar.


‘H’ in Japan creates a glowing wine glass chandelier by GLAMOROUS, epitomising the studio’s design philosophy and setting the tone for this suave venue.


A very suitable name, the Infinity Bamboo Forest in China is a 20 metre passage where Prism Design sought to create an infinite space in a finite world. The result is a fathomless sculpture with undefinable depth or horizons.


Carefully planned lighting created a sculpture to complement the formal setting at Montesqueiro in Spain, designed by Mas it reflects the uniqueness of the space.

You can view each of the shortlisted projects on the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards website:

Montesqueiro (Spain) Mas

Infinity Bamboo Forest (China) Prism Design


Floor (Netherlands) Atelier Floor

Emergence (London) Cinimod Studio

Dream Dairy Farm (Japan) Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Images © respective studios

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