Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlist 2015: Surface Interiors


This Restaurant & Bar Design Awards category encourages entries by food or beverage space designs with an emphasis on different surface textures implemented in the interiors by the designers. This years entries selected by the judges include a total of ten projects from a range of different hospitality sectors including hotels, creative spaces, nightclubs and more.

parq davis ink

Designed by Davis Ink to be sexy and sophisticated, yet playful the surfaces create the perfect ‘Parq’ theme. We featured the interiors of this space in a previous post.


Due to the industrial heritage of Meat West in the Netherlands, Framework Architects had to be creative with implementing their design. The brief was something without too many colours, and decoration. The height of the space could be a huge asset, but the designers were challenged to make guests feel welcome in such a spacious venue.

mama campo

Mama Campo in Spain uses green and recycled materials. Designed by Manolo Yllera in Spain, the project integrates the work of over 40 designers, artists and craftsmen, dedicated to the sustainability of materials, underpinning the ethos of Mama Campo.


The client’s brief for Kinfolk 94 in New York was a space designed by a ‘Pacific North West hippie Mathematician’. Custom laminated plywood trusses, arranged in a radial array support a geodesic framework of wooden struts that were developed and modified by BergDesign Architecture.


Gurumê in Brazil uses surfaces to create a weathered appeal, much like the way marine vessels exposed to the elements weather. Three spaces were created by Bernardes Arquitetura with the same concept but different atmospheres. Oxidised copper, Cumaru wood and handmade tile were the materials used.


Disfrutar in Spain is a fully latticed venue designed by El Equipo Creativo. Entrance panels use colour and tiles to form a deconstructed surface, which opens out into a spacious patio area with a more Mediterranean feel, while the bar has a more lively urban feel. The kitchen is at the heart of the venue, open to the curiosity of guests.

Dill Iceland

The design of Dill Restaurant places great emphasis on texture and natural raw materials. Hálfdan Lárus Pedersen created a minimalistic design with strong references to the building’s original use as an Icelandic farmhouse or stable.


Prototype Design Lab in Canada designed Blowfish in the heart of Toronto to be a striking sushi bar, highlighting the combination of artisan craftsmanship and new-age technology throughout. Oversized lighting creates an intimate illusion within the open dining space.

alain_ducasse PlazaJouin Manku embarked on a project using architectural design and playful dimension for Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, previously featured on our site. Huge ‘silver bells’ represent the service bells from aristocratic households, reflecting the crystal drops of the chandeliers above.

48_urban_gardenThe design of 48 Urban Garden, is also featured on our site. Centred around a fully equipped airstream kitchen, budget constraints led AK-A Architects to creative solutions for sound absorption and the irregular ceiling and surface heights of the original site. Artificial ivy was implemented to cover all the surfaces, including the ceiling while a similar leaf motif was punched into the bar.

All of the Awards entries in the shortlist can be viewed below.

48 Urban Garden (Greece) AK-A Architects

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée (France) Jouin Manku

Blowfish (Canada) Prototype Design Lab

DILL (Iceland) Hálfdan Lárus Pedersen

Disfrutar (Spain) El Equipo Creativo

Gurumê (Brazil) Bernardes Arquitetura

Kinfolk 94 (United States) BergDesign Architecture

Mama Campo (Spain) Manolo Yllera

Meat West (Netherlands) Framework Architects

Parq (United States) Davis Ink

The Overall Winner for the category will be announced at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Ceremony ‘The Story – Building Emotions’ on October 1st at the Old Truman Brewery, London. Tickets to the event are now available.

Images © design studios

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