Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlist 2015: Transport Space


The Restaurant or Bar in a transport space category is designated to projects across the UK in the centre of transport hubs. These places often have a significantly higher footfall and require unique solutions to restaurant and bar dining spaces; offering a luxury and tranquility suitable for both a quick pre-flight drink or a longer stopover. The five entries that made the judges shortlist include:

A venue which celebrates the timeless elegance of travel and the glamour of the 1960s and 70s, while taking inspiration from an aerial view of Heathrow in 1955 – it’s Heston Blumenthal’s Cafe.

perfectionists cafe

For more on the design inspiration and references for The Perfectionists’ Café (Heathrow) by AfroditiKrassa, you can read the feature on our site here.

The Gorgeous Kitchen is another restaurant set within London Heathrow with interiors and branding designed by Blacksheep Creatives.

the gorgeous kitchen

Set within the fast-paced airport environment, The Gorgeous Kitchen is a tranquil escape designed with luxury, peace and calm in mind. Layouts are based on natural organisation and freedom of form. Delicate copper vignettes connect spaces, creating pockets of natural rest, while antique Murano glass shades complement the calm atmosphere.

The Bar at Fortnum & Mason is located in Heathrow Terminal 5 and designed by Universal Design Studio.

fortnum mason

As a luxury and heritage brand, the Fortnum & Mason’s bar has a 4m nickel plated canopy creating a moment of shelter and luxury in the busy airport. Clad in hand pressed ceramic, the bar is in Fortnum’s signature colour ‘eau de nil’ with a polished pewter bar top, custom nickel coat hooks and bar seats of velvet and leather.

Dialogue 38 created Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge.

Maple Leaf Lounge

The Maple Leaf Lounge creates an ambiance reflecting calm and reassurance in a distinct, Canadian way. It is clad in vein-cut Eramosa slabs and Artisan Canadian glass to create privacy while showcasing the furniture and art. Limestone and Maple wood are the predominant materials throughout the lounge, creating understated luxury and warmth.

Alston Bar & Beef by Jestico + Whiles draws inspiration from the station’s history and its Scottish roots.

Alston Bar & Beef

The location for Alston Bar & Beef is below Glasgow Central Station concourse in category-A listed basalt storage vaults. A feature staircase and mural, visible through the entrance, draws visitors down to the undercroft, into the previously unoccupied subterranean level of the station. The design is full of oblique references and layers of interest.

All of the Awards entries in the shortlist can be viewed below.

Alston Bar & Beef (Glasgow) Jestico + Whiles

Maple Leaf Lounge (Heathrow) Dialogue 38

The Bar at Fortnum & Mason (Heathrow) Universal Design Studio

The Gorgeous Kitchen (London) Blacksheep Creatives

The Perfectionists’ Café (Heathrow) AfroditiKrassa

Images © Respective studios

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