Restaurant & Bar Design Awards
Shortlist 2015: Nightclub


Open to Nightclub projects located in the UK or internationally, just six entries made the judges selection for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards shortlist in the Nightclub category. The judges top entries are below.


Lighting plays a significant part in Provocateur. Originally a nightclub brand from New York, this new United Arab Emirates location, designed by 
Prospect Design International & Tai Architecture / FFD, strives to maintain the same look and feel of its US counterpart. A private nightlife and entertainment venue, this Dubai location implements New York’s design while adhering to strict UAE regulations.

people by crystal

People By Crystal is an ultra-exclusive lounge and high-energy nightclub in United Arab Emirates. Designed by
 Prospect Design International, this is a club where elegance, glamour, and functionality are the key words in inspiring the design. LED screens and lighting are integrated with curved ceilings forming part of the interior design, as well as the raised platform seating areas for VIP guests.

dirty blonde

Dirty Blonde is an intimately lavish setting to eat, drink and relax by day, transformed by spectacular lighting into a refined evening venue and late night entertainment emporium, exuding vintage 1920’s golden decadence within a defined budget. The venue by Julian Taylor Design Associates offers something truly unique to Brighton.

diamond horseshoe

Guests of Diamond Horseshoe in the United States are led down a grand marble staircase, as the interiors by
 Stonehill & Taylor and Meg Sharpe Interiors transports them to a whimsical and opulent underground world. The main room is layered with curved platforms to build a sense of motion, with bars, dining tables and snaking banquets, cascading towards the stage. The ornamental domed ceiling references the original oval centre.

bond lounge

Both the lighting and sound can be programmed, or controlled live in Bond Lounge, Australia.
 Designers Hachem deconstructed the technology, reassembling the components inside a succession of rib-like divisions in the bar’s walls and ceiling. Sound literally fills the room while lights arc and ripple, in play with all surfaces.


A restaurant in Hungary by day, this function needed to be retained, while allowing for its late night functions; so 
Bara Design Studio
 kept the seating, identity graphics, and designed 3D elements which are optically separated from the day function for the night. Due to the limited wall surface of Badgirlz, greater emphasis was placed on the pillar coverings, the doors and the design of individual pieces of furniture.

Each of the shortlisted entries are viewable on the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards site from links below.

Badgirlz (Hungary)
 Bara Design Studio

Bond Lounge (Australia)

Diamond Horseshoe (United States) 
Stonehill & Taylor and Meg Sharpe Interiors

Dirty Blonde (Brighton)
 Julian Taylor Design Associates

People By Crystal (United Arab Emirates)
 Prospect Design International

Provocateur (United Arab Emirates) 
Prospect Design International & Tai Architecture / FFD

The overall winner for this category will be announced at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Ceremony ‘The Story – Building Emotions’. Tickets are now on sale for this event to be held at The Old Truman Brewery, London on October 1st 2015.

Images © respective studios

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