Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlist 2015: Asia Bar


The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards shortlist for the Asia Bar entries includes the 8 projects below, which have been selected from nearly 30 entries from across the continent of Asia, by this year’s Awards panel of 23 judges, including: Director of Design for Rocco Forte Hotels, Olga Polizzi, Restaurant Critic Nick Lander, Chef Jason Atherton and Editor of Wallpaper* magazine, Lauren Ho.


The considered and elegant lines of the furniture evoke the spirit of 20th Century design by 
David Collins Studio bringing a timeless sense of luxury that is familiar to the brand and this thoroughly modern VOGUE Lounge in Thailand.


A blend of modern and tradition, Toranomon HOP in Japan has a nest-like design with organic wooden ceiling fanning outwards in a circular lattice. In the style of the German beer pub, designers 
A.N.D. created traditional touches from mortar and a rounded bar, encouraging casual conversation. While the warm wood interior is contemporary and expressive, maintaining an enduring cosiness.


Stop Motion, China is a coffee bar located inside a cinema. The title acts as the theme – creating the illusion of motion through solid objects, such as the main bar, which rotates in increments, and the continuation of ‘frames’ producing the illusion of moving image. Designers
 One Plus Partnership froze and extracted ‘motion fragments’, embedding the elements within the cinema perimeter.

secret garden

A high-end tea bar offering the social elite a secret, relaxed tea house, Secret Garden in China has a membership system to guarantee privacy for its members. An eternal garden inside and out, the space designed by
 Kris Lin includes an eastern garden, interior pavilion, bridge and pool, a wood tunnel and trees, as well as water to landscape the interior.

7 MrsPound

Discreetly perched on a sloping residential corner of Hong Kong, Mrs. Pound by 
NC Design & Architecture is a small 45 seat speakeasy hidden by a stamp façade, offering a modern and playful spin on Asian fusion. NCDA drew inspiration from the cult film classics of Wong Kar Wai and Ridley Scott to achieve a hybrid of East and West, mixing colonial Hong Kong with a bold vision of the future. Read more about Mrs. Pound.


Manhattan in Singapore is a contemporary evocation of legendary grand hotel bars of the past. The main bar itself is expressed as both the centrepiece for the venue and the main stage for the bartender, creating a homage to the golden age of cocktails. To emphasise its significance, it is elevated above the main salon. Modern in feel and luxurious in its restrained use of rich materials and intricate details, designers Distillery utilised marble, leather and gold stainless steel.

Flask speakeasy Alberto Caiola

Flask & The Press is a traditional speakeasy bar, evocative of the 1920s in the heart of Shanghai’s former French Concession, designed by 
Alberto Caiola. With contradictory and anachronistic aesthetics, The Press is a colourful, bright sandwich shop, in complete contrast to the altogether more mysterious ambience of Flask where muted lighting and decadent pleasures are underscored by a gradation from bright to dark. Read more… 

district 6District 6 is a microbrewery located on the ground floor of the Sheraton Bangalore Hotel, India. The designers
 M-style, Inc, created a factory-like atmosphere where customers feel as if they are drinking freshly brewed beer straight from the cask. Beer storage tanks are installed between seating areas, their polished metallic surfaces creating a sharp contrast with the rough-textures of the interior finishes.

View each of the shortlisted entries on the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards site using the links below.

District 6 (India)
 M-style, Inc.
Flask & The Press (China) 
Alberto Caiola

Manhattan (Singapore)

Mrs. Pound (Hong Kong) 
NC Design & Architecture

Secret Garden (China)
 Kris Lin

Stop Motion (China)
 One Plus Partnership

Toranomon HOP (Japan) 

VOGUE Lounge (Thailand) 
David Collins Studio

The overall winner for this category will be announced at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Ceremony ‘The Story – Building Emotions’. Tickets are now on sale for this event to be held at The Old Truman Brewery, London on October 1st 2015.

Images © respective studios

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