Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlist 2015: The Americas Bar

americas bar

Open to all bars designed in the last 12 months of the Awards cycle, this year The Americas included entries from bars in Canada, United States and Mexico. The entries were shortlisted by this year’s judges to the top 8 listed below.


Sisters is a former Community Hardware Store in the United States and its past has indeed influenced the design by
 hOmE Studio. A thirty foot skylight crowns the main room and is complimented by reclaimed beech ceilings, custom mirrors, custom woven chairs, sculpted concrete and a custom back bar made of reclaimed maple, steel and tile.

Sek'end Sun

Sek’end Sun restaurant and bar combines Douglas fir beams, a vintage zinc bar top and a blackened steel storefront with white washed vintage shutters. The restaurant was intended to double as a bar, especially during large sporting events, so 
Emporium Design made the space as flexible as possible.

pov dome bar

Overlooking The White House is the POV lounge and terrace bar in the W Hotel, Washington. Upon arriving at the rooftop floor, guests are welcomed by the red tape wall – a humorous poke at the conservative city. Designers
 nemaworkshop played with height changes of the classic and Modern American furniture, to ensure visibility of the unsurpassed views over Washington, while maintaining the ability for transition of day to evening dining.

parq davis+ink

Parq uses contrasting organic, playful and modern furniture, mixed with rich, reclaimed wood paneling and raw industrial steel. Silver leafed log tables are juxtaposed with bright orange, modern wire chairs, while traditional park elements such as iron gates and trees soften industrial materials such as brick and concrete. Designers
 Davis Ink wanted the whole space to be a playground for adults. Read more…


Connecting the design of the Lobby Bar with the Hilton Hotel in Mexico, designers 
Hirsch Bedner Associates used sleek, polished materials with earthier organic elements, layering texture and creating plays of light, shadow and sparkle. The sliding back bar assembly transforms the back bar display from day to evening while the cantilevered end of the wood bar subtly directs guests toward the adjacent restaurant.

Her Majesty's Pleasure

Her Majesty’s Pleasure in Canada is truly a hybrid concept- this café and bar, takes guests on a trip through cottage country; with a modern indoor patio and Muskoka chairs, the marble bar, dusk-yellow skylights, and the retail shop – a cabin-like space within a space. The design by 
+tongtong aims to seamlessly bridge a casual experience with elegance and refinement.


Dirty Habit was the product of an apocalyptic strip down of Hotel Palomar’s former fine-dining restaurant. The space designed by Dawson Design Associates now features a full-service cocktail bar, three private dining rooms and a new patio. An edgy, raw atmosphere, it serves as an intimate hideaway for the artistic visitors of San Francisco.

bar raval

Designers PARTISANS of Bar Raval reimagined the functionality of the classic bar into unbroken Mobius strips of sinuous mahogany. Rippling surfaces encourage patrons to lean into their soft edges and become a part of the woodwork; an architectural sculpture whose molten quality fosters fluid circulation and close encounters, bringing the spirit of Northern Spain to life in west-end Toronto.

Each of the shortlisted entries are viewable on the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards site from the links below.

Bar Raval (Canada)

Dirty Habit (United States)
 Dawson Design Associates

Her Majesty’s Pleasure (Canada) 
+ tongtong

Lobby Bar (Mexico) 
Hirsch Bedner Associates

Parq (United States)
 Davis Ink

POV (United States)

Sek’end Sun (United States) 
Emporium Design

Sisters (United States)
 hOmE Studio

The overall winner for this category will be announced at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Ceremony ‘The Story – Building Emotions’. Tickets are now on sale for this event to be held at The Old Truman Brewery, London on October 1st 2015.

Images © respective studios

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