Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Shortlist 2015: Colour


The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards ‘Colour’ category welcomes international entries, as this year 18 entries from twelve different countries were shortlisted by the judges. These included the following six entries from London, Sweden, Hong Kong, United States and Canada.

pizza express

When creating PizzaExpress Kornhill designers Charlie & Rose needed to transform an open glass box into an eye catching space. Designed with a simple aesthetic in mind the materials established a character reflective of the food experience with rough cut timbers, eye ball lights, raw steel, a vibrant colour palette and an extensive mural by Tristan Eaton. The layout focuses on the theatre kitchen, resulting in a lively dining experience with a connection to the history of the area.

parq davis ink

A playground for adults, Parq restaurant mixes typical park elements with rich, reclaimed wood paneling and raw industrial steel. A highly theatrical and visually stimulating environment, these natural elements soften the industrial materials. Designers Davis Ink mixed feminine colours such as pinks and purples with more playful colours from nature such as green and orange. Read More about Parq Restaurant and Nightclub.


Finefood is a clean, soft Swedish space with a calm, inviting colour palette. The base of the interior is a custom-made herringbone tile floor, with the colour palette ranging from deep green marble to various nuances of pale green and turquoise, with contrasting salmon red and peach. The colours are a direct translation by Note Design Studio of the colourful variations of natural light in high altitude mountains.


A modern day tea room, Biju Bubble Tea in London is designed to appeal to bubble tea drinkers- a fun and modern new product. Rather than conventional seating, Gundry & Ducker created an internal landscape that people can occupy as they choose with vibrant colours and materials. At the centre of the room is the preparation kitchen, inspired by a cocktail bar, celebrating the preparation of the tea. Use of natural cork refers to Biju’s use of natural ingredients.


+tongtong was confronted with numerous design challenges in Barsa Taberna, Canada such as low ceilings and limited natural light, inspiring the use of colour, light and patterns. The sleek, edgy interior has a Gaudí-influenced floor pattern running up the wall, a backlit mosaic made from 1,500 hand-cut coloured wine bottles and a rear-lit mural inspired by the running of the bulls.

adUsing a mix of rich, dark woods and raw industrial steel and contrasting it with warm yellows, lush greens, warm silver and gold tones, Davis Ink utilised traditional architectural elements while challenging religious ideologies and right and wrong. There’s a sexiness and intrigue about doing something you’re not supposed to in a sacred space, and AD Nightclub is glamorous but at the same time mysterious. It was the contradiction of white washed wood, organic elements, and exposed brick that created the impact the designers wanted to achieve.

View each of the shortlisted entries on the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards site using the links below.

AD Nightclub (United States) Davis Ink

Barsa Taberna (Canada) +tongtong

Biju Bubble Tea (London) Gundry & Ducker

Finefood (Sweden) Note Design Studio

Parq (United States) Davis Ink

PizzaExpress, Kornhill (Hong Kong) Charlie & Rose

The overall winner for this category will be announced at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Ceremony ‘The Story – Building Emotions’. Tickets are now on sale for this event to be held at The Old Truman Brewery, London on October 1st 2015.

Images © respective studios

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