Restaurant & Bar Design Awards
Shortlist 2015: Asia Restaurant


This Restaurant & Bar Design Awards category received more than 30 entries from restaurants across Asia. Entries from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and India made the judges shortlist below.


Aja’s design by Arch.lab attempts to create an intriguing experience by creating an unexpected landscape in the familiar urban setting of Chandigarh India, fusing nature with art. The concrete gives an impression of a monolithic creation while the wall graphic brings the story of the food to life. The furniture was designed to complement the spatial character. Read more… 


Serving fine French cuisine in a setting filled with important and exciting works of modern and street art, the interior design of Bibo, Hong Kong had to be adaptable to constant changes in the art installations displayed. The designers Substance tell a story which revolves around the abandoned former headquarters of a fictional French railway company, where street artists later occupy, tagging their ideas on the physical space.


Inspiration for Florentina, in China came from a poem by Xu Zhimo, ‘A night in Firenze’. Emma Maxwell Design took a charmless concrete build with low ceilings and created flow and function. The venue is now a popular Italian restaurant that is desirable, sensual and escapist as per the brief with the wall and ceiling deco adding depth to the compact space.


G9 in China is a space where technology, industry, luxury and excess collide; manifesting in concrete, raw steel, black marble, shimmering gold, bright light and high art. New Zealand designers Atelier I-N-D-J designed an interactive light installation comprising 956 pendants 35m long, terminating in an 11m high animated light wall designed by acclaimed graffiti artist INSA.


One of the largest noodle house brands in China, Mr. Lee Noodle House in Beijing Chongwenmen, tries to utilise the 60 year old story from China, to Taiwan and across to the United States before returning to China. Golucci International Design created a new concept style from the old. The space layout is from American burger bars, while the decorative surface material is full of Chinese vocabulary and literature creating a unique and interesting dining experience. Read more…


The wooden path at the entrance of RAW (Taiwan) creates an elegant transition from the bustling streets of Taipei. Designers WEIJENBERG created a smooth, continuous wooden structure which runs throughout the restaurant, with no visible structural elements or columns to hold it up. The machine cutting direction and depth are clearly visible in the finish and designed as if it were a digital craft or fingerprint.

Sorae Sushi

Sorae Sushi is a double story space in Vietnam with a sweeping staircase swirling upwards toward the sky where large metal cloud pendants float above the diners. LW used display units inspired by traditional Japanese Chidori toys which stand tall behind the undulating food counters. Journeying upstairs guests can indulge in the vast drinks selection at the large whiskey bar or wine bar or enjoy a quiet drink in the private lounges tucked away in cozy corners throughout.

web zatta_main Tsunohazu

Creating four distinct dining and entertainment zones, Tsunohazu in Japan is a 570 cover, 30 year old space. A multifaceted mini-city combining new and old, boisterousness and tranquility, Shinjuku retains a purity and sense of order derived from its residents. The restaurant by Nao Taniyama & Associates expresses these qualities in an open-format space built of over 100 native materials and surprising design elements. The four distinct dining zones are defined not by physical barriers but by variations in the architectural finishes.

urban commune

Urban Commune (Hong Kong) is a communal space for people to gather and socialise, nourishing the development of a new, open community through a ‘hip’ street food concept by Joey Ho Design. The kitchen was designed using a food truck and market stall. Skateboards and bicycles form design components creating a vibrant dining environment. Public signage and skateboard graffiti by street artist Secret Walls are used to tie up the park theme.


Yue, China is an open flow restaurant with unique art features. The material palette of light wood, marble and gold are complemented by the cream and indigo seating, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere. Design studio Panorama constructed a new extension to the existing building to provide indoor and semi-indoor dining areas for different functions.

Each of the shortlisted entries is viewable on the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards site from the links below.

Yue (China) Panorama

Urban Commune (Hong Kong) Joey Ho Design

Tsunohazu (Japan) Nao Taniyama & Associates

Sorae Sushi (Vietnam) LW


Mr. Lee Noodle House (China) Golucci International Design

G9 (China) Atelier I-N-D-J

Florentina (China) Emma Maxwell Design

Bibo (Hong Kong) Substance

Aja (India) Arch.lab

The overall winner for this category will be announced at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Ceremony ‘The Story – Building Emotions’. Tickets are now on sale for this event to be held at The Old Truman Brewery, London on October 1st 2015.

Images © respective studios

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