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B3 Designers Sackvilles

Located in the heart of Mayfair, Sackville’s is a new restaurant with interiors and branding by B3 Designers. Drawing inspiration from the building’s original 1969 activity as a former tailors in Sackville Street, the branding has a sleek understated luxury. Split onto two floors, each with a distinctive style, the designers created a ‘tailored meats and spirits’ interior.


The discrete ‘No. 8a’ signage with the sandstone and dark grey wood of the existing exterior façade creates a mysterious and speakeasy atmosphere upon arrival. A ‘conceal and reveal’ sense is introduced by this secluded exterior. Upon entering patrons come face to face with a display case of hanging meat, overlooking the basement stairwell. The hanging meat is then cured on-site before making its way onto the gourmet burger menu. Illuminating the front of the case is a white neon reading ‘accept the mystery’.


As a key ingredient to the menu is the rare black truffle, this forms the core of the brand identity. Off-white imitation tailors paper are used for the menus, while design tailored elements personify the original showroom. B3 Designers used these two facets of the tailor identity to form a consistent and distinct design language throughout the space.


On the ground floor the existing brickwork is exposed to create a rough yet contemporary space with deep leather chairs and mirrors. Blending in with the heritage of the building, creating a partly isolated arrival is a bespoke antique frame in brushed brass and a mottled variety of textured glass, evoking a sense of arrival. Inside, the brass trimmed mirrors and French oak parquet flooring are combined with marble table tops for a sense of industrial elegance. A theatre kitchen with just four dining seats adds to the design – a dark and secluded spot at the back of the ground floor area.


In contrast to the ground floor, the basement is symbolic of the work area of a tailors, with a more utilitarian feel. Reeded glass and timber infills decorate a blackened steel frame and furniture in the basement is less delicate and intricate than upstairs. Moss green aged leather on the banquet seating and dark walnut frames evoke references of the landscape where the menu ingredients such as the truffles are sourced. The walls once more make reference to the original purpose, with sheets of brown paper.


A four seater, speakeasy style bar finished off with a counter top of reclaimed wood and reclaimed drawers covering the front of the bar completes the tailor’s workshop aesthetic. A brass and glass antique mirrored wall cabinet makes up the backbar display, completing the overall bar. B3 Designers said:

We are thrilled to work on such an alluring concept and to have our interior and brand team working in close collaboration on the overall identity. Sackville’s is an exciting new premium meats and spirits offer and the design reinforces its place on the London dining landscape.

says Mark Bithrey, Design Director


Head Chef, Wayne Dixon has created a menu of gourmet burgers, steaks and other meat dishes alongside truffle-rich starters and sides. The menu is complimented with a strong drinks offering of signature cocktails, malt whiskies, champagne and fine wines from around the globe.

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