Interview: Lazaro Rosa Violan
Contemporain Studio

Lázaro Rosa -Violán

We recently caught up with Lazaro Rosa Violan, designer of shortlisted Awards entry Ibérica Farringdon and location of this year’s Awards after party.

Lazaro opened his studio in 2002 in Barcelona with a philosophy to ‘make design accessible’. Painting from the age of 8 years, Lazaro began his career in architecture at the age of just 20. Now with his practice, Contemporain Studio he draws on his experience and background as a painter and artist to forge his own design signature. With an acute sense of space, Lazaro uses his love of shape and structure to surprise and enthral clients, exceeding expectations.

Ibérica (Farringdon, London), Contemporain Studio entered into this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards London Restaurant category.

I am a painter, traveler, and creator of atmospheres

says Lazaro

1.  What were the most important emotions when you created Ibérica?

When we started working with Ibérica, and our clients, one of the most important things we considered was how to recreate the Spanish ambiance in the UK. We also had to work very hard for a company which is the Spanish food ambassador in England. The main emotion was the responsibility, to reach their expectations and deliver the best job possible.

Iberica Farringdon

2.  How were these emotions realised through the design of Ibérica?

Knowing and understanding Ibérica’s concept in the UK, we thought to translate it into something less obvious and cliché. Our designs for Ibérica restaurants give a subtle essence of the Spanish spirit without falling into clichés, although we don’t forget them. These kind of resources can be found inside the restaurants where we use five senses for creating sophistication.

3.  What emotions link the food or drink served at Ibérica and how are these portrayed in the design?

The emotions are many. Whenever you taste Ibérica’s tapas or dishes, you immediately travel to Spain. There is a very strong link, from the design to their dishes, and when you taste them, they are amazing! In this sense, we thought the sense of sophistication goes from the experience to the enjoyment of the space. We recreate the Spanish atmosphere inside our style.

4.  What emotions do you think your guests experience when visiting Ibérica?

It’s a subjective question and depends on each person. We think when you enter to every Ibérica restaurant, the ambiance around them takes you straight to Spain. That is the idea.

Iberica Farringdon

About Shortlisted entry and venue for the Awards Afterparty Ibérica Farringdon.

Being respectful of the heritage of the Ibérica site, while also creating an authentic and modern Spanish design. Maintaining the industrial aged look prominent in this part of Clerkenwell, the building’s features were respectfully integrated in the design. Contemporain Studio were challenged to create visibility from the exterior by the building’s small façade, and encourage visitors into the large interior site.

We believe it is our best restaurant. Our experience with previous restaurants has added understanding about customers and the areas we open restaurants in. This has been integrated into the design.

Lazaro Rosa Violan

Images © Lazaro Rosa Violan, Ibérica Farringdon

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