Yauatcha City (Broadgate Circle, London) Nulty+ Lighting

Yauatcha City arc recess wall lights

Yauatcha City is the second UK opening from Hakassan Group, and is a contemporary dim sum teahouse with lighting design by Nulty+. Located in London, overlooking Broadgate Circle, the project was a collaboration with architectural firm Gensler and interior design company GBRH with LED lamps supplied by Soraa. Nulty+ lighting design lit up the gently curving U-shaped venue to create a design consistent with Yauatcha’s identity. Nulty+ complemented the dark palette of the interiors with a dramatic lighting design concept set over two floors.

Yauatcha City entrace stairs blue lighting

Lighting incorporating the brand’s signature colour leads patrons to venture upwards through the illumination of the glass balustrade and staircase. Introducing guests to the first floor restaurant are three white silk pendants hanging above the concierge desk, forming a bespoke illuminating glow and focal point for guests.

Throughout this project it was important for us to focus on key characteristic lighting design elements that make the brand recognisable whilst creating an atmosphere that is inviting and dramatic.

Claire Hamill, lighting designer, Nulty+

Yauatcha City drop pendants white blue wash

Lighting levels are designed to be deliberately low and contrast ratios high to create a dramatic environment throughout the restaurant. Simplicity was key to the design throughout with architectural details housing discrete lighting. Cladded geometric panels are illuminated by recessed up-lights, bringing texture and depth to the space while fibre optic ceiling lighting creates a starry effect.

Lighting is always a critical element in our restaurants and Soraa LED bulbs with their GaN on GaN technology provide us the best balance of colour consistency, environmental consideration and product longevity.

Bruno Veninga, Architecture & Interiors Head, Hakkasan Group – Yauatcha City restaurant owners

Yauatcha City Food-Display-Cabinet-Light-Counter-Pendants

Nulty+ highlighted a number of unique brand elements within the space. Integrated lighting was utilised to cleverly showcase the pastry displays in reception, while soft blue back lighting illuminates the fish tank. Other elements such as small brass crosses are lit through the use of LED candles, adding to the intimate dining atmosphere with a warm ambience. Bone white china cluster pendants, which use Soraa lights to illuminate each seat, individually hang throughout the restaurant.

Yauatcha City dining bar

Orange down-lit columns punctuate the venue providing rhythm and permanence throughout the space. Ambiance is added to the two bar areas through the use of illuminated Corian bar tops and lighting from behind, while continuity is built through the cove lighting above.

Yauatcha City CU bar

Outside two terraces run the length of either side of the restaurant with unique views of the city. Framing the view are soft up-lit columns in natural stone and low level lights under the planters around the edges, adding a delicate refinement to the exterior space.

Lighting is a critical element for enhancing the Yauatcha City brand and patron experience. We chose Soraa lamps because of their specialty illumination quality, functionality and versatility.

Claire Hamill, Nulty+

Yauatcha city exterior view

Yauatcha City is a unique, contemporary dim sum teahouse that is lit to create both a sense of drama and intimacy for the restaurant patrons. On the ground floor the new Yauatcha Patisserie, selling tea and desserts, continues with the brand’s distinct blue backlighting and features soft downlighting to bring focus on the products for sale while keeping the same ambience and charm from upstairs.

Images © Nulty+ Soraa Lighting

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