Interview: Camilla Kovac,
Kovac Family


Our first Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards are now open for entries. We took the time to catch up with one of the latest entrants, Camilla Kovac from the Kovac Family, designers of the 25Lamp.

The Kovac Family is a Stockholm-based multidisciplinary company created in 2012 with sustainability at its core. Design and manufacture is in Sweden with the most eco-friendly materials and methods available. All earnings go towards a research project aiming to use biomimetic methods to create sustainable flat lights.

Tell us about the product you’ve entered into the Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards

Our idea was to design a product to fund our research project on sustainable light, “design funding” instead of crowd funding!
We had received start up funds from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency and came up with this idea to source funding for the project independent of external financiers.

The ambition was to make a lamp with as little impact on the environment as possible by sourcing the material and producing it locally. One challenge was to use the minimum number of materials and what we did use had to be certified as environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

Made in Sweden with eco-consciousness today and for the future, the 25Light is a flat package, made of sustainable materials. We call it 25, because it’s made of 25 pieces, as simple as that.


Where does your inspiration for innovative products come from?

Nature! Inspiration comes from cause and consequence: By asking ‘how can we make this better’ in all aspects to improve everyday life and our environment. Biomimicry is a hero and also a collaborator of ours.

What do you think are the best current restaurant and bar design trends?

Transparency all the way; food – interior – staff. It creates a positive feeling of togetherness: we want to know what we eat, where it is from and by whom it is served.

Which areas of the world do you see as the best for emerging/innovative product design?

In our opinion, today it is more about people and cross-disciplinary collaboration than geographical areas.

How do you think the hospitality sector and innovative product design are linked?

In many ways it’s the same key ingredients that make good food : quality, simplicity, authenticity and transparency.

What design challenges are unique to hospitality product design?
It’s a big challenge to make lots of different people feel comfortable and at home, and at the same time easily manageable for the staff. Key words would be: durability, user-friendly, tactility, sustainability and what we call brain food, or as Diana Vreeland so cleverly put it:

The Eye has to travel.

Diana Vreeland

With which product do you contribute your biggest success and why?

As we always have our eyes on the horizon, are always curious about the future and seldom dwell on the past, we would say the 25Lamp which is emerging into a collection called Numbers. With the 25Lamp we have managed to combine purpose, sustainability, aesthetics and function.

25lamp side

How would winning an award from the Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards benefit you?

It would be an amazing acknowledgement and it would have an immense impact for the whole team and our science project.

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