BrewDog Liverpool is the tenth BrewDog bar opened in 2014, and combines relaxing drinking and beer tasting areas with the space for an expanded food offer.

7 MrsPound

Based on legend, Mrs Pound, in Hong Kong, summons up the tale of Mrs Pound’s clandestine relationship with Mr Ming, using a modern Chinese colour palette.

Chilango Cannon St 13 © Kristen McKluskie

Chilango Cannon Street is the latest of this fast-growing London-based chain to open in the capital, and uses authentic Mexican materials and decor styles.

retoque digital Carlos Huecas Arredondo

Kessalao, in Bonn, is a multi-functional space that is a takeaway in the daytime, and snack bar in the evening. The designers also created its branding.

Après 11

Voyou is a gourmet burger bar located at the heart of Nancy. The restaurant had a total redesign, including branding, furniture and a sculptural staircase.

Ironside2014_03 Zack Benson

Ironside Fish & Oyster Bar, San Diego, is located in an old metalworks warehouse, and is full of completely unique and customised designs and fittings.

MINI 880 _MG_8097

Restaurante Mini Dassa Bassa, in Madrid, has been converted from offices, and the entire space has been reworked to create space with a contemporary style.